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This icon set contains 179 transport icons in Modern UI style.

Each icon is provided in different variations - Black and White, Solid and Outlined which makes 716 icons in total.

Oh Ha Ni, nicknamed "Noah's snail" by her father and friends for her ability to keep trying even ...

See full summary » Nikhil is re-introduced to Meeta nearly ten years after their first meeting.

Kunti obtained a boon from sage Durvasa, where she could invoke any deity and could bear his child.

Out of curiosity, she decided to test the boon and uttered the mantra calling upon the Sun god and was handed a baby, Karna.

Icons and images play important roles in the look of your product and affect its usability.

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Duryodhan, younger than Yudhisthir, the eldest Pandav.Vidur suggests Dhritarashtra that if Karna forgives Arjun then there is no need of punishing Arjun.Duryodhan suggests Arjun to apologize to Karna, by washing his legs.Don't make a mistake of misjudging the importance of a graphical user interface.

A matching set of carefully crafted icons can certainly enhance the presentation of your product and its customer perception.Additional 5 icons are overlay icons that add new meaning to base icons.

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1156 regular (also 12821 Phillips) for Front and Rear Turn Signals, Tail lights, Reverse lights, and Brake lights.… continue reading »

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