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06-Jun-2017 12:05

SH is for sure the owner of his IPhone and is true to himself what he is doing. We don't see IG and twitter photos from Sam Heughan's co-star Cait or her boyfriend alluding to their relationship.But in times with high traffic, there is someone paid, who is monitoring his IG and twitter. That's because it's a real relationship that they are choosing to keep mostly private, ie, not splashed on her social media sites which are neither real nor private, but rather a marketing vehicle (for her career, shows, charities).And most casual fans who google him will see that and believe it. Can we take it as a small mercy that they haven't yet done a whole photo shoot like the Fourth of July extravaganza they did for Hiddleswift?I don't know the actors name that plays Theon Greyjoy on Games of Thrones but, in certain shots he looks like he could be Sam Heughan's unfortunately homely brother! I have been an observe of these threads for 2 years.Fake journo claims to have hundreds of saved files, gets info dropped anonymously into her inboxes plus spends long hours writing and trolling.No one goes to that much time and effort without financial gain or some other rewards.

Of course, there's always that one fan who claims to have inside information who tells other fans this is his girlfriend and then somehow this becomes canon.

I'm sure Allen needed the beard to look like she's a hill walker because it's Sams biggest passion.

The beard has done fun outdoorsy stuff like skiing, snorkeling and gliding.

Her real relationship isn't a secret, and the guy shows up as her date in public sometimes, but she's not using her PR to publicize it either.

And since entertainment sites along with social media are all about PR - they are in a symbiotic relationship with PR people - they don't ever mention her boyfriend, even though there are plenty of photo ops for them at industry events, if they wanted them out there.She comes from money so it does look like Daddy helps maintain her lifestyle. It's rewards are mostly networking, followers, gifts and a few trips. All their official accounts are monitored by their PR company.