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This obsession, however, made them discover Keroro in his hiding place. Whenever Fuyuki recalls their friendship, Keroro stops with whatever plan he has come up with.Fuyuki also has low stamina and therefore low interest in sports and does not know how to swim.when he's not doing chores for the Hinata family, or being distracted by such aspects of Earth culture as model kits and the Internet.Before long, Keroro manages to reunite with his squad-mates: hot-headed rookie/Keroro fanboy Private Tamama, hard-boiled combat specialist Corporal Giroro, and smarmy intelligence officer Sergeant Major Kururu/Kululu.

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But once his superiors realize he's been found out, they abort the mission and leave him and his crew behind.

However, after nearly two years without a single word on the project save for a couple of trailers, Funimation acquired the distribution rights in 2008 (along with about 30 other ADV titles).