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Another 10 percent say their harasser was a female coworker.(The results exceed 100 percent because some respondents had been harassed multiple times.)"It might be leers, gestures, or putting porn up on a computer.…There is an infinite variety of ways to make people feel uncomfortable," confirms Anne Vladeck, a New York employment and labor law attorney.

At a "tweetup" for science writers in New York, she says she felt uncomfortable when he gave her a rose from a street vendor and "jokingly" called her his "concubine." Waters hesitated to call their interactions sexual harassment at first, but in 2013, she and two other writers, Monica Byrne and Kathleen Raven, wrote blog posts accusing Zivkovic of sexual harassment.Are you supposed to be the "cool girl" at work, shrugging off your cubemate's constant stories about fucking his hookup?Cosmo's survey confirms this confusion: Sixteen percent of women polled answered "no" when asked outright if they've been sexually harassed at work but answered "yes" to experiencing sexually explicit or sexist remarks at their jobs.Waters says Zivkovic began promoting her blog posts online after they met in 2010, which she says helped launch her career.

But she told friends she was disturbed by what she describes as his lingering hugs and a Twitter DM that read "I love you!!!

The impact on her was clear from the texts she sent a friend: "The shit he says…makes me wanna kill myself," Wolfe wrote, according to her complaint.

While the possibilities seem exciting at first, the effort, attention, patience, and resilience it requires can leave people frustrated and exhausted.“It only has to work once, theoretically,” says Elizabeth Hyde, a 26-year-old bisexual law student in Indianapolis.… continue reading »

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