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08-Aug-2017 21:18

These features are cut on sedimentary, highly weathered and densely fractured mudstones and shales, and in poorly consolidated diapiric muds.

Besides its geomorphological interest, the Arboletes littoral is an interesting example of historical, kilometric-magnitude erosional coastline changes driven by the combination of natural- and man-induced causes including, in a short-term perspective, the poor geotechnical properties of rocks, bioerosion, absence of rainfall and waste waters management, strong wave action, beach sand mining, and inadequate coastal engineering practices.

So we know they are reading our comments and they know we are there not just to be critical, but that we want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

There are things we want to propose and see how they react to them, so we are testing them.

Angola saw a change at the top in 2017, when President José Eduardo dos Santos stepped down after a staggering 38 years in power, to be replaced by President Joao Lourenco.

His rule was characterised by close control of the nation’s oil wealth, to the benefit of his family and the ruling elite, which necessitated a tight grip on civil society to prevent it exposing corruption and demanding a fairer distribution of wealth.

The president appoints judges to the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and the Military Court, and these judges report directly to the president, so there is no separation of powers. If the president wants to effect real change, he should reduce his own powers.

Regarding corruption, the new president should open a public debate and the public should accept that it is useful to know who were guilty of stealing public money and where the money went.

In 2011, we decided that confrontation was the only way to go, because if we tried to do small projects on the side, they would only come and shut us down.

One of that group, activist and rapper Luaty Beirão, speaks to CIVICUS about what changes may be underway in Angola, and how civil society is trying to engage constructively to seek reform under the new president. What dos Santos did towards the end of his term was put his family, especially his children, in very sensitive positions in our economy.

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