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12-Nov-2017 11:11

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We started with some of the most classic pranks like fake poop and vomit, but we've now expanded to include over 2,000 gag gifts, toys, and clothing items, each with a goal of having some fun. We needed some fake poop and other gags, and Prank Place came through in a jiffy!

Most of the items on our site are really designed for adults.

Running a joke store devoted to gag gifts and toys is a blast, but we take seriously the responsibility to bring humor to the world.

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A: LMAYO Q: What do you call a dinosaur with a extensive vocabulary?

A: A Yamahahaha Q: What season is it when you are on a trampoline?

A: The teacher says spit your gum out and the train says "chew chew chew".

They are novelties that depending upon where you work, may not be safe for work.

But they are totally appropriate for your friends, family, and even enemies!

" A: "You can't tuna fish." Q: What do you call a pile of kittens A: a meowntain Q: What do you call a baby monkey? Q: Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato? Q: What do you call a boy who finally stood up to the bullies?

The foursome spend their time working on their individual work projects, playing video games, watching science-fiction movies, or reading comic books.… continue reading »

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