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04-Aug-2017 15:00

More and more, it is becoming an institution, and it seems to be a bastion of not only holding its value, but adding value, and this in a world full of inflation and economic deterioration wherever we turn!

Crypto-currencies are becoming more and more useful, not just as an investment, but as an instrument for daily life.

And if you look at it on the surface, it makes sense: As a traveler, you crave the unknown and the new.

And if it comes in the form of the opposite sex, how could you resist?

Several young men and women still live with their families so, in this case, there are plenty of “love motels” scattered around the city where lovebirds can (and do! Do as the French Do The French, like the Danes, do dating as a group activity.

If you’re a North American, this might get you scratching your head — if the French are so sexually forward, why do they need their friends as chaperones?

In the Land of the Rising Sun As you might expect, dating in Japan has one objective (officially) and one objective only: marriage.

Casual dating is not really openly accepted and most individuals are a lot older.

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Friends, lovers and potential dates communicate with one another through social media or by sending messages of interest via bluetooth devices.It actually has nothing to do with prudishness and everything to do with the definition of a relationship in French culture.