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She was dressed in robes, men's clothing, and I walked up to the alter and asked her to get down.I was ordered to leave by another woman and refused but when a man asked me to leave I abided. Sometimes I go outside and shout at the moon and some people think I'm arrogant and rude and maybe mad.'Mr Hart reckons his £39.99-£44.99 per night establishment is 'the best place in Beverley' and should be rated with a top ranking star.In an exclusive interview with Mail Online he admitted his views on women had cost him two marriages.He told how his second wife - mother of his two youngest sons aged one and three - could no longer tolerate him.'It's right to challenge such out of date practices and any business that believes this is acceptable should think again before they find themselves facing legal action.' Mail Online has contacted Field Farm fisheries for comment.A guest house owner who hung a sign on the front door saying 'Women Are Not Welcome' has told people offended by it to 'sling their hook'.

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Women need to procreate, to be nurturing, loving mother figures.'When I went to church and saw a woman in the pulpit it got my goat.John Dixon Hart, 53, admitted putting up the bold notice was 'a flippant thing to do' but added: 'It has a deep meaning.' He has apologised to the only female currently staying at the Minster Garth Guest House in Beverley, East Yorkshire, telling her: 'I have no regrets hanging it up but it was tongue in cheek.'If anyone's offended by it I'll tell them to sling their hook.'However, some people have taken offence and Mr Hart was informed by a solicitor that two people were threatening to sue him over the sexist message.