Courting and dating rituals 1400 1600

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courting and dating rituals 1400 1600-69

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It is true, however, that the Church had been attempting to foist its control on marriage since about the 12th century but without much success until Calvinism made it a crime to marry outside of the Church.The role of the family was not considered crucially important in the marriages unless the inheritance of property was concerned.Indeed, marriage was considered a special privilege, so much so that there were clear lines to differentiate the married from the unmarried in such places as church and in modes of address. First there was the consent of both parties, publicly announced or symbolised through the exchange of gifts. Finally there was the wedding ceremony, preceded by the calling of banns.

Indeed, today the term `couple' refers to almost any pair.Country dances compelled circulation of partners and prevented pairing off.For most of their youth, both sexes avoided intimacy.The betrothal or engagement already created a couple of the two people.

courting and dating rituals 1400 1600-50

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Marriage would legally set them apart as part of the privileged in the social and economic unit.

One, however, needs to differentiate between the aristocracy and bourgeoisie, as opposed to the country peasants and city artisans.

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