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Many early Christian papyri, discovered in 1935, have been dated to 150 A. The Papyrus Bodmer II, discovered in 1956, has been dated to 200 A.

D., and contains 14 chapters and portions of the last seven chapters of the gospel of John.

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These manuscripts have been found in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, making collusion unlikely.

The oldest manuscript, the John Rylands manuscript, has been dated to 125 A. and was found in Egypt, some distance from where the New Testament was originally composed in Asia Minor.

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Many skeptics believe that the Bible has been drastically changed over the centuries.

How could there be such accuracy over a period of 1,400 years of copying?Thomas & Hutton Columbia, United States Thomas & Hutton is a growing, well-established civil engineering firm providing consulting services throughout the southeast.We are an award-winning company that has been recognized as...It is likely that Luke wrote Acts during this time, before Paul finally appeared before Nero. D., meaning that Acts and Luke were written within thirty years of ministry and death of Jesus. As stated by Nelson Glueck, former president of the Jewish Theological Seminary in the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, and renowned Jewish archaeologist, "In my opinion, every book of the New Testament was written between the forties and eighties of the first century A.

Another internal evidence is that there is no mention of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A. Although Matthew, Mark and Luke record Jesus' prophecy that the temple and city would be destroyed within that generation (Matthew 24:1-2 (2), Mark 13:1-2 (3), Luke 21:5-9,20-24,32(4)), no New Testament book refers to this event as having happened. D." With all of the massive manuscript evidence you would think there would be massive discrepancies - just the opposite is true.These letters indicate that the entire New Testament was written in the first century A. In addition, there is internal evidence for a first century date for the writing of the New Testament.

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