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Eggfusion’s (Deerfield, IL) new laser etching technology enables permanent, tamper-proof etching of a date and traceability code onto individual shell eggs that can be used to look-up additional data points regarding the egg’s origin and distribution.

Unlike labels on cartons, the laser etching allows processors to track each individual egg with etching for freshness dating and traceability codes that are integrated with technology platforms, assuring accuracy in the information associated with the origin and distribution of the egg.

You will be issued a renewed license for 2018 as usual.

Please note that this fee suspension does NOT apply to personnel licenses or certificates, clinical laboratory registration renewals, or to new clinical laboratory license or registration applications.

After activation, a purple mark appears that gradually moves along a white horizontal bar to the left of the label strip, indicating the time that has lapsed as the food approaches its expiration date.

When the bar is completely purple, the food has reached its expiration date and should be discarded.

The mission of the Laboratory Field Services branch (LFS) is to ensure quality standards in clinical and public health laboratories and laboratory scientists through licensing, examination, inspection, education, and proficiency testing.

LFS is the primary link between the health of California citizens and quality oriented, accurate and reliable clinical laboratory testing.

The information gathered with these tools is limited only to the need and imagination of processors, and often include temperature and storage data, product testing, personnel handling, farm of origin, shipping, and time and date stamping data.

Smaller companies have until June 2006 or December 2006, depending on the company size, to comply.

Establishing security in the food chain is the goal of all these regulations, but how companies achieve that goal is largely up to them.

The software suite is a combination of business applications that manage financials, manufacturing operations, inventory control, and interactions with customers and suppliers, and can track raw ingredients throughout the production and distribution of finished products for quick containment in the face of a recall.

According to Ross Systems, i Rennaissance customers have reduced lot trace times from several days to several minutes using its tracking features.

Product ID and Labeling Product ID systems are the most common tracking tool being used and have been around the longest.